iphoneography with the photojojo macro & wide angle lens

A few months ago, my girlfriend got me the iphone lens set from Photojojo. I’d been wanting them forever, and they have been a staple in my iphoneography ever since! I use the fisheye lens the most, but today I played around with the wide angle and macro lens for awhile which is what inspired this post. Here is a photo of the lens themselves:photojojo iphone lens set

The set that I took today was of an old toy car that I found last weekend.

These first two were taken with the wide angle lens:

Here are the photos taken with the macro lens:
Now I just need to take the Telephoto lens out for a stroll! You’ll see it here when I do.
Also, an entire post dedicated to the Fisheye lens will pop up soon. Thanks for reading/looking!
All photos and content ©2012 Brian Arnold but feel free to hit one of the share buttons below!

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All photos in this post were taken with my iphone4 and edited with the awesome VSCOCAM app.


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