Here’s something I made for myself today as motivational desktop background.

It looks a little blurry on WordPress. Maybe it’s just my eyes.


Wait, Stop Here – Photo Zine #1 is here!

Well, it’s finally finished and out in the world. My first photo zine! I’ve been working on and obsessing over this thing for a couple of months now and i’m seriously stoked to have it done. It’s 24 pages and features 21 black and white photos that i’ve taken over the last year since I moved to Michigan. For this first issue, I decided to use only iphone photos. I use that camera the most thought it would be cool to see some of those photos brought to life. The hardest part of this whole process has been narrowing it down to 20 something photos. I literally had thousands to choose from. Only being able to pick photos i’ve taken in the last year made it a little easier but it took a lot of hours and a lot of stress nonetheless.

I’ve really been dying to put one of these out for a long time, for a number of reasons. The first and main reason being a need to just put a physical product out into the world. With Instagram, Flickr, Tumblr, etc., it’s so easy to just become an “internet photographer” and forget about the world outside of the computer and an iphone. The digital routine becomes so tiring because it allows me (and everyone else) to pump out a million photos a day that each gets their own 5 minutes of fame and then become buried in a feed just as quickly. What has probably been the most rewarding part of this project and what makes me want to do these on a regular basis from now on is the fact that I spent so much time with each photo. Picking each photo apart, deciding if it was worthy of print or not was time well spent. A much needed feeling of validation has come from holding the final product in my hand, flipping through the pages and pretending i’ve never seen the photos before in my life.

The second reason for doing this zine is that like any other artist, I want others to own and enjoy my work. I’ve been taking photos and doing graphic design for something like 4 or 5 years now and even now I can’t see myself being someone who sells prints for hundreds of dollars. The idea definitely sounds nice, but I just can’t picture it in my head. Maybe in the future. Making zines and buttons and printing 11×17 posters which I will be doing soon) are a cheap way to get my stuff out there without having to charge an arm and a leg. I like making stuff that I would want to own. The DIY culture is a great thing because it allows people to get their ideas out there in an affordable way.

Anyways, hope you enjoy! And stay tuned for more zines and things in the near future.

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The Daily Beard Business Card and Button Design

I’ve started a new partnership with The Daily Beard. TDB is a blog focused on, you guessed it, beards! It has over 10K followers on Tumblr and it’s owned by Adem Lowell, and he’s been great to work with so far. He’s looking to turn TDB into a full-fledged brand, and it’s a project I’m really excited to be a part of. There’s so much potential with this as far as merchandising goes. My first job was creating a business card and a 1.5″ button design, and we’re already planning future projects like t-shirts, etc. It’s great to be a part of a brand like this in the early stages. One of my favorite things about being a graphic designer and photographer is helping people who are in a similar place as myself as far as trying to start up their own business and finally be their own boss while doing something they love and believe in. Building partnerships and friendships and helping each other grow is what it’s all about. Here is a mock-up of my designs for TDB:

Business card and 1.5" button designs for The Daily Beard.

Business card and 1.5″ button designs for The Daily Beard.

Polaroid Land Camera Design Made With My iPhone

I was shooting with this camera today and decided to take some photos of it. I ended up with this, all done on my iphone. I edited the photo with the VSCO CAM app and added the rest with Phonto, an app that I downloaded forever ago but just really started playing around with. It’s quite useful for design stuff on the go. On a side note, if you haven’t checked out my instant photography blog every move a picture, you should do so now! It’s where I post all of my polaroids.

©2012 Brian Arnold

SACRED SNACKS Album Cover Samples

Here’s something i’ve been working on on/off for a couple of weeks. These are some album covers I designed for my fictional skramz band Sacred Snacks. I’ve been contacting bands and labels that I like lately, trying to get my foot in the door for future projects. So, in the meantime I keep making stuff like this for people to see and well, because it’s fun. These four covers are made up of a few key elements, with variations like a potential client would want to see. Enjoy!

©2012 Brian Arnold

iphoneography with the photojojo macro & wide angle lens

A few months ago, my girlfriend got me the iphone lens set from Photojojo. I’d been wanting them forever, and they have been a staple in my iphoneography ever since! I use the fisheye lens the most, but today I played around with the wide angle and macro lens for awhile which is what inspired this post. Here is a photo of the lens themselves:photojojo iphone lens set

The set that I took today was of an old toy car that I found last weekend.

These first two were taken with the wide angle lens:

Here are the photos taken with the macro lens:
Now I just need to take the Telephoto lens out for a stroll! You’ll see it here when I do.
Also, an entire post dedicated to the Fisheye lens will pop up soon. Thanks for reading/looking!
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All photos in this post were taken with my iphone4 and edited with the awesome VSCOCAM app.